Dr. Irena Starchenko

Early Life and Education

Dr. Irena Starchenko, DDS, has dedicated her life to dentistry. 30 years ago, she chose a career that she knew would remain her passion forever – and today, she is still happy she made that choice.

She obtained her first dental degree in her home country, Ukraine. She was born in Kharkiv and attended the Kharkiv National Medical University, graduating in 1993. Founded in 1805, the university has a rich history and boasts many famous scientists and doctors who call it their alma mater, including Alexander Braunstein, whose research discovered the importance of vitamin B6.

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Dr. Irena Starchenko
Dr. Starchenko's Сareer


After graduation, Dr. Starchenko began practicing as a general dentist and went on to receive her master’s degree in orthodontics in 1999. After 24 years of practicing in Ukraine, the family made a decision to make a permanent move to the US. Here, Dr. Starchenko chose The University of Southern California to earn her next degree, the Doctor of Dental Surgery, from Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC. She has been a practicing dentist since 2020 when she completed her degree.


Dr. Starchenko considers herself incredibly lucky to be able to have learned from and worked side-by-side with outstanding European and American dentists. She is a lifelong learner, and diverse professional experiences have immensely enriched her dental expertise. She consistently made conscious choices not to limit herself by narrow paths: the combination of her general dentistry, dental surgery, and orthodontic knowledge allows her to design and create healthy, beautiful smiles for her patients. Dr. Starchenko keeps up with the latest research and updates her practice with the latest available technology, providing her patients with care based in modern science.

Her philosophy, however, goes beyond taking advantage of technological advances. Her ultimate goal, regardless of the country of her practice, has always been to create a friendly and welcoming environment where patients are naturally encouraged to trust their dentist.

Dr. Starchenko's Philosophy
Dr. Starchenko's Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Dr. Starchenko has two children. Her oldest son decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a dentist. He is currently a student at the USC School of Dentistry.

She enjoys traveling, running, and yoga, but her most favorite activity to relax and unwind is spending some quality time with an interesting book.

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