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Dr. Irena Starchenko

Dr. Irena Starchenko, DDS

Dr. Irena Starchenko, our leading dentist, possesses a unique combination of decades of professional experience both in Europe and the United States. Having been exposed to such a diverse clientele, Dr. Starchenko always succeeds when it comes to creating a custom-tailored approach for each one of her patients.

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The best dental clinic I have ever been!It’s super clean and all the doctors are masters of the dental job!
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Dr. Starchenko and her whole staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I had an excellent experience during my first dental visit and will be back.
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I wanted to commend the work of the staff at Dental line. First time visiting but I am very grateful for the great service and professionalism of the staff. They also have great prices. Highly recommend.
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Nice service , nice price, each employe professional. 100% recommend. Best of the best !

A high-quality dentist in Los Angeles is ready to treat dental injuries, prevent tooth decay and maintain your smile. With dental fillings, your dentist can fix various issues, including cavities and worn teeth that are not strong enough to withstand the chewing forces. Therefore, visiting the dentist for regular checkups and necessary fillings is essential.

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Dental fillings, also called dental restorations, are used to restore decayed or damaged teeth, fill cavities that have been left untreated, or replace lost or broken teeth. Dental fillings can be gold, silver, composites (resin and ceramic), glass ionomer cement, and porcelain.

Dental fillings are used to restore a tooth damaged by decay. Tooth decay is caused by acidogenic bacteria in the mouth that feeds on sugars and produces acids that dissolve hard tooth structures like enamel and the dentin layers. The exposed dentin can become infected, causing pain and sensitivity in the tooth.

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If you experience pain or sensitivity while chewing, it could be a sign of decay under your gum line or inside of your tooth. You may also notice swelling or redness around the tooth, or gums.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is a definite sign that it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist will examine your mouth thoroughly and will offer treatment options based on the root of the problem:

  • pain when chewing or biting on an affected tooth or area of the mouth;
  • sensitivity in an affected tooth or area of the mouth;
  • tooth discoloration caused by decay beneath the surface of the tooth.
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Dental fillings help restore your natural smile and prevent further damage to your teeth and gums. They can also prevent expensive dental treatments, such as root canal therapy, crowns, and bridges. If left untreated, cavities can cause serious complications such as infection and loss of teeth.

Tooth fillings are a standard procedure that can be done in your dentist’s office, and it is a simple procedure that will help restore your smile and improve oral health.

Numbing Jelly and Local Anesthetic

Before your tooth is filled, your dentist will numb the area by administering a local anesthetic solution. This will effectively numb the area for the duration of the procedure, as well as reduce postoperative discomfort.

Tooth Cleaning and Preparation

Your dentist will thoroughly clean the affected tooth and surrounding area before filling it with composite material or porcelain. This helps remove any debris or bacteria from the surface of your teeth. Thorough cleaning ensures that foreign material does not interfere with treatment or cause additional damage to your mouth when undergoing treatment for a cavity. Your dentist may also use an ultrasonic tool to clean out the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Dental Drill or Laser To Remove Decay

When tooth decay is left untreated for a long period of time it may reach the nerve of the tooth. This results in a great deal of pain and the need for a root canal treatment. When tooth decay happens, your dentist will first use a dental drill or laser to remove as much decay as possible before placing a filling. The procedure may take some time, depending on how much decay there is, but your dentist will numb the area with local anesthesia to ensure that you have a positive dental experience throughout your appointment.

Bite Impressions To Restore Original Shape and Function

This process involves taking impressions of various aspects of your mouth, so our lab technician can create a restoration tailored to your needs.

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Dental fillings are a common, affordable way to restore a tooth to its normal shape and to improve a smile’s overall appearance. Fillings are made from a variety of materials. The choice depends on the type and location of the affected tooth, your dental insurance coverage, and your personal preferences.


Composite resin is the most popular material for dental fillings. It is composed of a matrix mixed with filler particles that hold the restoration together. Colored pigment in composite dental fillings allows us to create fillings that match the natural color of your teeth, making them less noticeable. Overall, composite restorations provide the best strength, durability and appearance.


Ceramic restoration comes in many colors, including white, yellow and gray. Ceramic restorations are used when the cavity is large enough to compromise the overall integrity of your tooth. Ceramic restorations are typically fabricated in the lab, they easily blend in with your natural teeth and offer much of the strength of your natural enamel.

Glass Ionomer

Glass ionomer is a tooth-colored material that is used to restore decayed teeth. This material is usually used as a temporary filling before the permanent restoration. It can also be used for small cavities where the decay is shallow and has not spread into the tooth’s dentin layer. Glass ionomer material is made of glass powder and acid mixed together, creating a substance that will harden when exposed to water or saliva. Glass Ionomer is capable of releasing fluoride into your mouth to strengthen the remaining natural teeth.

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You might be under the impression that dental fillings are complicated, however an experienced dentist is able to make this process painless and quick. These fillings involve preparation, numbing injection, drilling the tooth or applying a laser and finishing the filling process. With all these steps completed, the tooth will look new, and you can chew food again. If you choose a trusted dental clinic covered with insurance, your tooth filling cost will not be too high.

Dental Line is a local, trusted dental practice offering general and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implants, veneers & other. We are committed to providing quality care at affordable prices. If you are searching for dental fillings near me, call Dental Line today to schedule an appointment (747) 265-6179, or come to visit us 18024 Ventura Blvd, Encino. Serving Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Reseda, and other locations.

Author: Dr. Irena Starchenko

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