Our Special Offers

Comprehensive Evaluation & Full Mouth Radiographs Special Offer

We offer comprehensive evaluation and full mouth radiographs for $60. Offer valid through 07/31/24.

Dental Crown Special Offer

The average cost of a dental crown is around $1150. However, in our office you can get porcelain or zirconia crowns only for $660. Offer valid through 07/31/24.

Teeth Whitening Special Offer

Do you want a beautiful & healthy smile? Your dreams can come true in our office for an affordable price. Get your teeth white quick only for $290. Offer valid through 07/31/24.

25% Discount on Any Type of Orthodontic Aligners

Straightening your teeth takes your smile to a new level. Orthodontic aligners are an efficient, convenient and an affordable way to reach that goal. In order to help you straighten your teeth, we are offering a 25% discount on any type of Orthodontic aligners at our office. Offer valid through 07/31/24.

Receive a 50$ Discount on Your Next Visit

Limited deal! Come in to our office for any treatment now, and receive a 50$ discount on your next visit. Offer valid through 07/31/24.

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